James Murphy Consulting
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About Jim
I was a physics major in college, and then for  26 years worked as an electronics engineer.

I designed professional audio electronics for many companies, including my own, Fender Musical Instruments, Furman Sound (where I was chief engineer for 6 years) and Dolby Laboratories.

I was heavily involved with computer technology as part of that career, and acquired a wide range of experience building, maintaining and using computer hardware and software.

In 1995 I started taking on clients, and in 2000 I became a full time computer consultant, drawing on my years as a business owner, engineer, and heavy user of computers to help my customers.

I bring more than technical knowledge to you -- I have run a business, and I've been a user of graphics and desktop publishing software, accounting and inventory control software, tax software, CAD programs, and of course Microsoft Office and its competitors.

My goal is to make the technology you use a means to an end that you don't have to think about or fight with.

I have an unusually wide range of systems I am comfortable with: I have used the Mac OS since its very first incarnation, I gained experience on mainframe and mini-computers before the advent of the personal PC, I have used every version of Windows from  the earliest days of Windows 3.1 through today's Windows 7, and I am comfortable with various Linux distributions.

I am an excellent listener, and a superb explainer. During my years as an engineer I had to hone my communication skills to serve at trade shows, explaining the products I designed in terms that were meaningful and clear to non-technologists. I can now use those skills to help YOU understand the computer you use, and to understand the choices you have when you make decisions about how to spend for your technology needs.

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